Saturday, August 20, 2016

More from week one in Florida

Here are some extras from Sadie's letter to me.  I love to hear about her experiences.  I am truly amazed at the amount of courage and sacrifice a mission requires.  

So, Tuesday was pretty crazy. I actually miss my district from the CCM a lot more than I thought I would, we all were such good friends, so the goodbye was rough. Thankfully I made it to Atlanta pretty easily, but from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale was hectic. We had to run all over the Atlanta airport trying to rebook a flight because we missed our flight because the first one was delayed, and it's a little tricky to communicate with Church headquarters when you don't have a phone, and payphones aren't really a thing anymore. I was bummed that I didn't get to talk to you, but we barely made it one flight to Fort Lauderdale, we ended up running across the entire Atlanta airport at top speed trying to catch a flight that ended up being delayed for an hour and a half. Anyways, apparently all of the missionaries had problems that day. Somehow I was lucky enough to be one of the 7 missionaries that actually arrived on Tuesday even though there was supposed to be 23. I ended up staying the night at a Senior couples house because I was the only Hermana! They were super cute, so I was fine with it. 

The first day we had some training meetings, and then I met my companion Hermana Root. She is 6 ft. tall, from St. George Utah, and she is lots of fun. She has been out in the field for 9 months now. It is just us two living in the apartment together, so it has been an adjustment from the CCM where there are tons of missionaries everywhere, but now there's just us. 

I am still trying to adjust, and figure out how to understand Spanish with all of the different dialects here in Florida. However, the people here are super nice, so many people are ready to talk your ear off if you just let them. We only have one investigator right now, so we have been working a lot on finding this week. We have spent lots of time knocking on doors. One thing that we do differently in this mission is that instead of sharing the message of the Restoration at the doorstep, we just ask if we can share a prayer with them. Lots of times they are willing to share a prayer, but don't want to hear anything else. However, we have had a couple of people say we could come back to teach them so we will be visiting them this week. 

There are so many people down here that are living in absolute poverty, and it is kind of cool to see how the Latinos are so humble. I would rather speak with them than with any of the English speakers down here. They are super sweet. One of the members that I met this week is named Cristal. Her husband is not a member, and he has a drinking problem. She has just recently been reactivated in the church, and her determination and her faith is awesome! She is even allowing our investigator and her 4 kids to live with her because our investigator's husband is pretty  much crazy and she needed to get out of the house. We went to visit Cristal and Maria (our investigator who is living with her). Inside their house they have 8 kids, 3 adults, a bunny, 2 dogs, and a chicken. Inside the house. It's a little crazy, but we love visiting with them. Maria's children, Ricardo and Armando, were recently baptized and so we are teaching them the new member lessons. Maria has not wanted to listen to our lessons yet, but we are hoping that now that she is away from the situation with her husband she will be more receptive. 

Another cool thing was talking to the man who lives in the apartment next to us. His name is Manis. He is from Greece, but he speaks Spanish and English. He is always outside smoking and looking depressed when we walk by so we decided to talk to him. Turns out he is a hard core atheist, but he is very open minded. It was so cool to be able to testify of the existence of God, and of how we can know He exists through prayer. We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, which he promised to read, and so we will see if that goes anywhere. He is super cool to talk to. 

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