Saturday, August 20, 2016

Florida Week 1 (August 15, 2016)

Hola Everyone! 

I don't have very much time to email today, but (after a crazy day on Tuesday trying to get all of the flights figured out) I am here in Florida and it has been pretty great so far! My new companion is 6 feet tall and her name is Hermana Root. She has been out for 9 months, she is from St. George, and she is lots of fun. 

We have had to do a lot of finding this week because we don't really have any current investigators. I have definitely had to adjust to some serious humidity walking, and biking, and (thankfully) driving around in the sun. I love the people down here, and there are so many people who need to hear the gospel. We have not found any investigators yet, but we have a couple of potential ones that we are excited to visit this week. 

One miracle that happened this week. We are supposed to come up with a "spiritual creation" or an idea of someone to teach, and then pray that we will be able to find that person. We prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help us find a family of 5 from Mexico, that speaks Spanish, and is ready to hear the gospel. We prayed for 1 one of the kids to be above baptism age, one to be just barely under, and another young one. Lo and behold, we had been knocking for a few days with no success. We really weren't sure that we would ever find anyone from Mexico around here, because most of these people are from Cuba. However, yesterday we knocked on a door and we shared a prayer with the mom of the family, and her 3 adorable little Latino children. She speaks Spanish, and she invited us to come back to teach her more about our message. We were stoked. Then we asked where she was from, we nearly fell out of our chairs when she told us she was from Mexico! I think they are the first family I have met from Mexico, and they truly have the cutest kids right around the ages we prayed for. It was awesome to see how the Lord was able to answer such a specific prayer. 

I'm still trying to learn Spanish, and the Cubans don't really put spaces between their words so that's a little tricky. However, it's been pretty great! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Hermana Monson

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