Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A bit more from the week

This is a bit from Sadie's letter to me.  I love the last thought she shared!

1. I am in Fort Meyers, Florida. My area is the Rio Vista East area, and mine is the Rio Vista Spanish Branch. 

2. My mailing address is: 11490 Villa Grand #220 Fort Meyers, FL 33913. You can send letters or a package there if you would like. 

4. We are supposed to eat with the members every night for dinner, but this week we have mostly been on our own. The members here are not overly enthusiastic about missionary work, so even if they do feed us they usually just drop the food off at the church. Oh well. This week we have lots of meal appointments, so that should be good. 

5. I'm not really sure what the biggest surprise has been. I didn't really know what to expect. However, probably the level of poverty. I was not expecting there to be so much poverty because I'm in the U.S. Obviously it is nowhere near a third world country, but there are lots of people who live in some pretty old, smelly, rundown, places. However, we have been blessed with a beautiful apartment, and I feel a little spoiled, but I'm not complaining.

We read a talk this week called the 4th Missionary, and it is amazing! It talks about how there are 4 types of missionaries. The best type is the one that gives EVERYTHING to God. If we are willing to give all of our time, talents, thoughts, everything to Him, he will bless us. In the end, it is easier to give everything to God, rather than struggling to hold on to our own will. I loved a phrase in there it said something like if we give everything to him he will take it and "he will create a God." Meaning that we will be able to become like He is. It was pretty awesome. 

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