Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More from Florida. (September 6, 2016)

Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the start of a new school year and everything. 

This week was great! Right at the beginning of the week all of our investigators dropped us, and told us that they would not be baptized, and that we shouldn't bother teaching them anymore. We were really sad. We know how much the gospel would bless them, but it is difficult to help them see that. A lot of people are willing to talk to us about religion, but they don't want to make any changes in their lives, even though they might know what we are teaching is true. For example, one of our investigators has read the Book of Mormon. Somehow he obtained a copy many years ago, and he has read from it ever since. He told that he knows it's true, but that he is going to be baptized into the Baptist church instead because there are no requirements. He doesn't have to attend church before or after, or comply with any standards in order to get baptized. We tried to teach him about why we have standards that we need to live before we can be baptized, but he just doesn't want to have to do anything. It was a good lesson to us that there really are reasons that the Lord gives us commandments. It is so that we can learn and grow and become like Him. If we didn't ever have to do anything, if we never had a chance to prove ourselves, then what would be the point of this life? 

Anyways, after our investigators dropped us we didn't really have much to go off. So, we spent a lot of time knocking doors. Especially because literally every single appointment we had this week fell through (meal appointments, lessons, member moments, etc). Everything fell through. However, something that was cool was we met a girl named Yadi. We shared a prayer with her, and she just started crying. The spirit was so strong, and she told us that she could really feel God's love, and we testified to her that God had sent us. It was a super cool experience, and even though she didn't want to learn more, it was really nice to talk to her. 

Another cool thing this week was that we got to do a mini-mission. That is where one of the young women from our ward, Karen, came with us for 24 hours. We were showing her what missionary life is really like, and what we do all day. We had lots of fun cooking breakfast for her, and staying up late talking. We dragged the poor girl all over the place with us knocking doors, but she said she really enjoyed it, and on Sunday she bore her testimony and mentioned that because of the experience she was considering serving a mission, it made us so happy! 

In our mission we are only allowed to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and so we listen to LOTS of hymns. Well, the MOTAB has just a couple of songs they sing that aren't hymns- like the Circle of Life, so whenever those songs come on we get really excited. We accidentally sat at a four way stop jamming out to MOTAB for three minutes because we didn't realize we were at a stop sign and not a red light! That's how excited we were! It was super funny, and Karen thought we were crazy. 

Just want to say that I love having the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. I know it's true, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Love you all!

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