Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 12, 2016

Awesome Hermana Monson didn't have the time to write a group email this week, so I pulled some things from her letter to me.  I am impressed with her "high spirits", when it seems they have no investigators and all their dinner and other appointments fall through.  I think missionaries must learn the art of positivity!  Love her!

 I don't really have any story that stand out from this week.......Oh! We went to a funeral. Hermana Root was teaching a lady named Isvette before I got here, so I never met her, but she passed away this week. She really wanted to get baptized, but she had cancer, and was too sick. Somehow, Hermana Root ended up speaking, and I ended up saying the closing prayer, in Spanish.We were both super nervous.  It was an LDS funeral, even though all of Isvette's family is Catholic. It was sad, but Hermana Root gave a great talk about the Plan of Salvation, so we are hoping that helped them. 

This week was pretty much the same as last week. EVERYTHING fell through, and we are not really sure why. We are still in high spirits, and we know that miracles will come, it is just about having patience. We met an awesome family this week. The dad's name is Fransisco and he is really nice, his wife is super sweet (she works in a beauty salon so she gave us a free sample of mascara to try-sweet!), and they have the FATTEST two year old daughter. She is SO cute! From what you have told me, she probably looks similar to how I did when I was little. Fat rolls everywhere, three chins, she waddles when she walks, and her shirts was too short, so it rolled up, and her little belly was just poking out. She really didn't seem to care.

 That is another thing, people in Florida seriously don't care what they look like. There are always Haitian mamas out in their shower caps, house slippers, and sunday dress mowing the lawn-what?. We were laughing because we were parked at a red light this week and there was an old lady waiting to cross the street. She had one of the dollar-store styrofoam visors on, tennis shoes, her shirt was all bunched up so her belly was hanging out, one sleeve was falling off, her socks were pulled up to different heights on her legs, and she had a water bottle stuck down the back of her pants. She was just like "hey, 'sall good." So funny! That's pretty much everybody's mindset. It's almost weird when men answer the door with a shirt on, or ladies walk around with their hair done.

 Anyways, Francisco was super excited to come to church, so we told him that we would knock on their door on Sunday morning so that they could follow us to the chapel. We went over on Sunday, and he explained that his wife was just getting out of the shower, but he had already visited the chapel to check it out so he knew where it was. We were SO excited! He promised to meet us there, we had to leave because church would be starting soon, so he said he would just be a little late. My neck was sore from glancing over at the doors so often. I was so hopeful that they would walk in. They didn't, and when we went to see them later, they didn't answer the door. We aren't really sure what happened. It just seems like lots of things like that have happened this week where people aren't home even though we had scheduled an appointment to see them, or we are knocking doors in an apartment complex and someone from "the board" ushers us out of the area. It was really frustrating, but at the same time we made lots of plans for this week, and we are hopeful that things will be better. 

Hermana Root and I are actually having lots of fun. I am learning to laugh at every situation, because if you don't, the days are really long. Last P-Day we played an awesome game called Smashface with the other missionaries. We also bought matching Halloween pajama pants, which made us super giddy. We also went to an AMAZING mexican restaurant called Tijuana Flats for dinner. Kind of like Cafe-Rio, but they had these deep fried cookie dough flautas of goodness, that you dip in chocolate sauce. They were SO GOOD! 

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