Thursday, February 9, 2017

Coral Reef: Week 2 January 30, 2017

I hope that everyone is doing well, this has been a great week :)!

Last P-Day we had an amazing zone activity where we filled up water balloons and then used them to play capture the flag ("quidditch"). 

On Wednesday we had a great world-wide missionary conference, and we got to hear from some of the apostles. I loved it! I loved how they talked about teaching repentance to everyone that we meet, because that is how they will come to know the Savior. In order to be able to preach repentance we have to make it a daily part of our lives. It is such a blessing to be able to repent each day, and strive to be better! They also made some changes to the missionary schedule, which will allow us to choose when we do our studies, rather than having them at a fixed time. I think it will be a weird adjustment, but hopefully it will allow us to use our time more effectively.

On Friday we went to give service at a place called Habitat for Humanity. That was fun because we met a lot of new people, there was a girl visiting from Finland, and also a super cute old couple from Puerto Rico that call themselves "mami and papi". We had to help move a bunch of refurbished chairs out to a big truck so that they could be shipped to a church. It is a pretty cool place. 

On Saturday we had a fire exchange with out STLs, Sister Woods and Sister Jess. We started off with lunch at a place called Fritanga, they had the most delicious carne asada! After that I got to work with Sister Jess for a little while. She is AMAZING! She is so fun, and has a way of showing so much love to the people, I truly hope I can be more like her. It was so great to get to work with her for a little bit. We were able to pray with a couple of black sisters named Tina and Yoshmina. Tina's son was shot and killed just a couple of months ago, and so she really appreciated the prayer. She has amazing faith in Jesus Christ, and she told us all about how it has been hard for her to forgive the person that killed her son, but with Christ's help she was able to do it, and now she feels peace. She was an amazing example of forgiveness, and it was an amazing witness to us of what the Savior can do in our lives, if we will let him. 

Later on Saturday night an adorable member couple took us out for hamburgers. They are from Mexico, and they LOVE missionary work. They were baptized about 4 years ago, and they are always ready to invite their friends and family to hear our message. It was pretty hilarious because the Elders from our ward came as well. One of the Elders will be going home in about 4 weeks, and so the Enriquez family was trying to do him a favor by setting him up with their friend, a cute waitress that tended the bar! Elder Pineda was so uncomfortable, and it was really funny for the rest of us to watch!!

Yesterday was a great day at church. Elder Pineda gave an amazing talk in sacrament meeting about God's love for us, and it really touched a lot of church members. Charo came to church, all on her own, and we were very happy about that. She is still reading in the Book of Mormon, and praying, but she still doesn't feel like she has received an answer. We aren't exactly sure what else we need to do to help her, but the Lord does, and I'm sure He will let us know!

After church we went out to knock doors and it was POURING rain. We got soaked, and were pretty sure that we were going to catch pneumonia, then when we got back inside and looked at the thermometer it said 57 degrees, then we felt a little wimpy ;). I think it's the humidity that makes it feel so cold. 

That is all for this week! We were not able to find any new investigators, but we have high hopes! I know that this is the Lord's work, and that as long as we are doing what He would have us do, we can't go wrong. I love you all :)!!

Love, Hermana Monson

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