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December 13, 2016

Hola everyone!

I hope that you are all doing well, and enjoying the holiday season! Things are going great here! It is so weird to have it be December and still be super hot! We are still sharing the Light the World campaign with everyone, and lots of people really love the video. Even if they don't accept the message that we bring, we are still helping them to think about Christ.

We had an awesome day on Saturday. It was full of so many miracles! First of all, we went to go teach a referral that we had received, she was a 17 year old girl named Cynthia. When we got to her house her two best friends were there as well. Angelica and Karina both agreed to listen to the Restoration as well. At the end we were explaining how they could receive an answer about the truthfulness of the message through the Holy Spirit. As we tried to describe the Spirit, Karina said "oh, so that's what I'm feeling right now." We were like "YES!" In the end, they all agreed to come to church the next day, and they all agreed to be baptized! We were so happy! 

After we visited them we went to go and visit a former investigator named Julian. He said he would listen to the Restoration. At the end, he agreed to come to church and be baptized, he would just need to "straighten things out" with his Presbyterian Pastor first! So cool!

Then we went to go and visit our investigator named Jadira. Unfortunately she wasn't home, but her mother-in-law was! At first she was super reluctant to have anything to do with us, but after we got her talking about her family she opened right up to us. Turns out that her parents and her siblings were all baptized into the "Mormon church" in Honduras a long time ago! She wasn't baptized because she was already married at that time. After hearing the Restoration, she wonders why she was never baptized, and accepted our invitation! By the time we left, she had given us gatorade, and cake, and little plates from Mexico! She loves us, and she is so cute!

It was such an awesome day! We found 5 new investigators in one day! I know that Heavenly Father was helping us to be where we needed to be in the right time. Unfortunately, none of them came to church on Sunday, and they are not answering our telephone calls. So, we will be looking for new investigators again this week. However, it is so awesome to be able to spread the light of Christ with people, even if all we do is plant a seed. 

After church on Sunday, there is an ADORABLE little old lady in our ward that invited us over for lunch. Her name is Beatriz Diaz, she lives alone on the top floor of a huge apartment building. She has an amazing view from her balcony, and she loves blasting her Christian, Latin, rock station loud enough for ALL to hear. It took me quite a while to get "El es el rey de mi vida" out of my head. She kept apologizing that she didn't know how to cook. She made us eggs, toast, and "quick" (Nesquick heated up so it tastes like hot chocolate). She also bought us empanadas and cheese rolls, they were so yummy!  She is a convert to the church, and they tend to be especially sweet to the missionaries. We were laughing at the funny mixture of Catholic and Mormon pictures she has hanging around her house, but she has the sweetest testimony. She was sad when her two "angelitas" had to leave, but we promised to visit again soon. She is so cute!

I found out last night that I will be staying to Fountainbleau for another transfer, and Sister Whitney and I will be staying together. We were so relieved! 

This week I have been reading in Mosiah 26. One of the verses that really stood out to me is verse 30, which says "Yea, and as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me." This is such a comforting scripture, because we all fall short each and every day! I also looked up the word Repentance in the Bible Dictionary which says something like "a turning of one's heart and mind to God, and a renunciation of the sin to which we are naturally inclined." I love that! We have the opportunity each day to turn to God, and renounce sin. As we do that each day of our lives, we will slowly become more and more like God until the last day when we shall be perfected. I love this gospel! I love the Savior, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a missionary to share that message! I know that God is aware of each of us, and I know that He answers our prayers. It is always in His way and timing, but it is also in our best interest. 

I hope that it is an amazing week! Love you all!

Love, Hermana Monson

This is a fun paragraph from her letter to me:

This week has been good. The weird thing is how many ups and downs there are. One moment I feel exhausted, discouraged, and homesick. The next moment Heavenly Father puts someone in our path, or something happens to help me feel happy again! As far as people being more or less receptive with the Holidays, I would say that most people are a little more receptive, especially when we share the Light the World campaign with them. However, there are still plenty of Christmas Scrooges out there. Last night we bumped into this ADORABLE couple from Trinidad. I loved their accent. The wife's name was Mala, she had just been going outside to pray when we knocked on the door. She could not get over the fact that we showed up at her door to share a prayer, right when she was leaving to pray! They are the most humble couple ever! She kept telling us that nothing she has is really hers, because God gave it to her. She asked us about our missions, what we do, for how long, etc. She was so amazed, "that is such a love for God. I just love that." She kept saying, it was so cute! Unfortunately, they only speak English, so we had to pass them to the Elders from the English ward, but we will see what comes of that. She kept saying "I want to stay in contact, can you write me?" We were like "Umm.....I mean we've only just met you, but I guess maybe we will see you at church?" Super funny.

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