Friday, July 29, 2016

A bit from her letter to me...

This week Hermana Orton did more cross-fit with me. You should have seen me trying to do a pull up, it was pretty pathetic, but super fun. 

Also, one of the Elders in our district got very sick yesterday. This morning he had to go to the hospital. We think he might have a mixture of the flu and some blod-clots but we are not really sure. Anyway, I love seeing how our district comes together. All of the Elders are having to play mommy, and take turns going to the hospital for 12 hours at a time. They are all super willing to help out, and it is awesome. It´s also pretty cool because our whole district is planning to fast for him today. Our district has become really close, and it will be really hard to leave them soon

I am learning what it is like to live for P-Day!  I love hearing from her.  I love being part of her mission through her emails.  I know that service brings joy, and allows us opportunities to learn.  Hermana Monson is awesome!!

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