Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Almost Mother's Day Coral Reef South May 8, 2017

                                                              Chikira got baptized!!

                                                        Yudenia's son Yariel

Hello Everyone!

It has been a great week here in Florida! 

On Monday we went to a place called Mamma Mia with the other sisters that we live with, we ordered a pizza and were pretty surprised when it pizza game out as big as the table! It was huge! That night we went to go see some former investigators. One of them was an old Cuban lady named Lucy, and she talked our ear off for 2 hours! She is so sweet, and we were so pleased with ourselves that we could understand practically everything she said. 

On Tuesday we had DT, which is always awesome. It is fun to see the other missionaries, and learn how we can be better. One miracle we saw that day was when we stopped by to see a former investigator, he was just getting home with his family when we got there. He invited us right in and we were able to teach him, his mom, his sister, and his mom's friend. His mom's friend is visiting from Colombia, her name is Marcela, and she cried the whole time as we shared the Restoration. The Spirit truly touched her. She is going back to Colombia soon, so we can't continue to teach her, but a seed has been planted so she will be ready for missionaries in Colombia to knock on her door!

On Wednesday we had fun doing exercises with the other sisters in the morning. We usually do it separately as companionships, but we convinced the other sisters to do some circuit training with us. It was fun, but we were dead tired after! We were able to see Yudenia, Yailen, and Yariel that day. The others were helping their uncle paint his house. We shared the Restoration video with them, and they loved it! They were excited to share it with the rest of their family. That night we had dinner with the Nilsens, a very sweet couple in our ward that live in a HUGE mansion. We felt pretty fancy, and plus, they fed us icecream tacos. Sounds weird, but they were delicious!! After that we went to visit another old lady in our ward, we talked about family history and we had fun showing her our photo books with pictures of our families. 

On Thursday we did weekly planning. Sister Carling and I made brownies, next thing we know half the pan of brownies is gone. It is pretty much a fact that some type of indulgence is necessary for weekly planning. We also went to visit a less-active member named Jorge, he is in a wheelchair and he LOVES our visits. We were also able to teach his wife (who has been less-active for about 20 years), and their non-member friend who is an adorable little Colombian woman. 

On Friday we had a little "mini mission" with some young women from our ward. Two of the young women came with us to knock doors and visit Marcela. We did not have much success knocking doors, but they didn't seem to mind. In fact, our young women's president came up to us at church on Sunday and said they had been asking her when they could do it again! We were glad to hear that.

On Saturday we did service at a food pantry for a few hours, then we had a companionship study with our district leader, then we had our ward correlation at a different chapel, then we had to help our ward mission leader clean the baptismal font because it is having problems draining. Our ward mission leader is so happy with us, he is a crazy 72 year old Cuban man, and he is thrilled that we have seen so many baptisms as of late. He loves to come teaching with us, so the Elders in our ward made him his own little missionary name tag, and Sister Carling and I brought him a cake. He loved it! By the time Sister Carling and I had lunch it was 4:00in the afternoon! We were starving so we decided to treat ourselves to some chicken tenders sandwiches and coconut road icecream from everyone's favorite grocery store in Florida, Publix. 

On Sunday we had church. We did everything we possibly could to get our Cuban family to church, but they had stayed out late with their uncle and did not get home until 3:00 am. The ward member who went to pick them up only ended up bringing Yailen, who didn't care how tired she was, she was still coming to church. I love that girl so much. She was dead tired the whole time, but we were SO happy that she had come. That night we went to go see the rest of them, and we had a good talk about how part of keeping the Sabbath day holy is making sure they get home in time on Saturday night to come to church the next morning. They all promised to come next week. We had dinner with our Relief Society president who is from Costa Rica, she made us some type of delicious beet salad. Her daughter Falon was there, she is 26 years old, and she served a mission in Texas so we had fun talking with her. 

I am so grateful for the chance to be a missionary and to testify of Jesus Christ. I know that He is our Savior, and I am so grateful for His gospel that is on the earth again. It makes all the difference! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Have a very happy mother's day to all of you wonderful mothers out there!

Love, Hermana Monson

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