Monday, March 13, 2017

Coral Reef March 13, 2017

Crystal Worthen sent me an adorable package and it made my day!

We got food from Fritanga. Carne asada, arroz con gri, maduros, and queso frito (fried cheese). Yum!

 A GORGEOUS sunset. I love Florida. The pictures don't even do it justice.

We have been biking a ton, having a lot of investigators takes a lot of miles on you car. So then you don't have any left. So then you have to bike. 

This is a text message that we got from Rose last night. Angela had given her and Chikira a ride home from church. We were SO happy when we got that text! 
Hola everyone!!

I hope this email finds you well! It has been another wonderful week here in Coral Reef! I just love Sister Carling, and we have 3 progressing investigators whom I just love as well!

First of all, we knocked into a new investigator named Angela. We were biking around, trying to figure out which street we should knock, and we both really felt like we should stop and knock on a particular street, now we know why! Angela accepted a prayer right away, and she was very emotional from the beginning. She told us about how she'd had a car accident a while ago, and that had caused her some serious injuries, which had led to some depression. She went from living in a beautiful home in Georgia to being forced to move in with her son here in Florida. She feels like she has lost her faith, but she really wants to gain it back. She let us right in, and we both felt that instead of teaching the Restoration like we normally do, we should teach the Plan of Salvation. It was just what she needed to hear. She eagerly accepted a baptismal date for March 25th, and has been steadily progressing ever since!! She is absolutely wonderful! She takes notes during our lessons, and she came out of church yesterday with almost 4 pages of notes, she loved it! We were able to give her a tour of the chapel on Saturday morning, and that worked out very well because there was a bunch of ward members there cleaning the chapel so she got to meet all of them. She loves the concept of the sacrament, and being able to start over again each week. She was so excited that before we had even called her on Sunday morning to wake her up for church, she texted and said she was excited to see us in a few hours. She loved gospel principles because we watched a video of President Monson, and talked about modern prophets. At the end she said"Wow! That was powerful!" It was very sweet because in Relief Society they have a "good news moment" thing where sisters can share if they had any cool things happen during the week. Angela said that her good news moment was the two sister missionaries knocking on her door and bringing her this gospel. I think those are the words that every missionary wants to hear. At the end of church she was asking us all about her baptism and what clothes she will need to wear, and it is still two weeks away. I love her so much! Every time she says good-bye to us she says "I love you sisters!!" Please pray that everything will go well for her baptism on March 25th!

Our other two investigators Rose and Chikira have really been struggling. Satan is throwing everything he can think of to keep them from progressing. They have been to the hospital, they have been discouraged by their anti-Mormon grandmother, and their phones have broken down so we couldn't get in contact with them! However, the hugest miracle was that they were both able to come to church yesterday!! We were so happy, and they both really enjoyed it. They said that they have had a "calming feeling" ever since. They are also set to be baptized on March 25th, and we are so excited! They are just amazing!

The craziest thing that happened was last night when we were contacting some former investigators. We were sitting in a parking lot outside one of the apartment buildings, and we were putting a new address in our gps. All of the sudden two police cars pull up next to us and demand that we roll down our windows, and show them ID. Sister Carlings window was broken, so that was an extra hassle. They asked what we were doing, why we were sitting there, who we had come to visit, and if anyone could vouch for that. We explained that we were missionaries, we had just been visiting some members of our congregation, and that we were terribly sorry for idling in the parking lot. Once they saw that we were two innocent white girls from Utah they softened up. They said that they have to be very careful in that parking lot because bad things happen a lot, so an idling car is either doing something illegal, or is an easy target for other people who want to do illegal things. We apologized again, and they said we could leave. Before we left they wanted to know a little bit more about the church, so we invited them to come. That would be quite the story if they showed up on Sunday!! We got out of there quick, and just started laughing. It was a little freaky, but mostly just funny. 

Those are most of the stories that I have for this week! I hope that you are all doing well, just know that I love you and this gospel. 

Hermana Monson

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