Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thanksgiving Week! Fontainebleau November 28, 2016

Hola everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! I did!

First of all, we found 5 new investigators this past week! On Monday (11/21) we had just finished knocking doors, and we had a little bit of time left before we had to go home. We were debating about whether we should stay in the area and knock doors, or go to see a potential investigator that we had met a few days earlier. We both felt like we needed to go see this potential investigator named Pablo. Well, Pablo was busy, but his granddaughter Lily was happy to listen to our message. She has been going through a lot of really hard things in her life lately, especially with her health. She wonders if God even loves her and why bad things happen to good people. It was honestly pretty hard to come up with an answer as to why she has been experiencing so many hard things, even though she is trying to be a good person. However, it was so awesome to be able to testify to her that God really does love her. He has a plan for her. I have been thinking a lot about her question: why do bad things happen to good people? As I have tried to come up with an answer, I was reminded of a talk by Elder Bednar that talks about how sometimes we need a burden in order to help us move forward. Like the truck that was stuck in the snow, but once it was loaded with firewood it had enough traction to move forward. I know that sometimes life is SO hard, and we wonder if Heavenly Father has just forgotten about us. However, I know that He is there for each and every one of us, in every second of the day. We just have to look for His hand in our lives. Really, every opposition is an opportunity to prove to ourselves, and Heavenly Father who we truly are. I love being able to testify about the love that God has for us, because that is something so basic, and something that I really know to be true. 

Unfortunately, all of our investigators have slowly been dropping like flies, and we ended up with only 1 investigator at sacrament meeting. Jose is a super adorable, awkward old man. He LOVES reading church material, and he pretty much has the Restoration pamphlet memorized by heart. He reads from the Book of Mormon everyday, and says that he has a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. We were so excited when he came to church! The only sad part was that after church we went to go visit him, and even though he had really enjoyed church, he would not commit to be baptized. He feels like he is not ready to make the changes in his life, even though he knows everything is true. It was sad because we tried everything we could think of to help him overcome the fear of baptism, but he would not even commit to a return appointment. The only investigator we have left to work with is Juana, we will meet with her tomorrow. She is great!

Tip of the day, if you play the piano, or lead music, don't tell anyone! I am now the ward chorister, the primary pianist, and the relief society chorister! Not even sure how that happened, but it's a good time :).

Our Thanksgiving day was great! It was a normal proselyting day, other than the fact that we had 2 Thanksgiving dinners! It wasn't quite the same as an American Thanksgiving, even though it was all the same food. It was such a good time to be with the members though, they are so nice to the missionaries! We felt SOOOO full that night, we thought we would pop! We were pretty much waddling around trying to knock doors after dinner, it was pretty funny. 

Satan is trying so hard to work against us! First of all, my bike tire has been flat every single morning this week. Depsite the fact that I bought a new tube, and have patched up every single hole I can find. I am officially a pro at removing a bike tire and then putting it back on again :)! We finally got my bike tire fixed, and a piece goes missing from Sister Whitney's bike. We barely make it home with her bike wobbling everywhere, and my tire slowly going flat the whole time, but hey, we made it! I guess we will be using the car until we can get that fixed. 

Also, I LOVE the new Light of the World video! If you haven't seen it, please watch it! It is such an amazing reminder of what this holiday season is really all about. I have seen the video probably 20 times already, and I still love it! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that through following His example we can find more peace and joy that we could ever create for ourselves. I hope it is an amazing week! 

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